Some  services are offered with the packages, however, if you want to add on, we will charge the prices as outlined below. If you just want the services and not a Personal History Video, just double the prices below.


Photo Retouching. For an additional charge of $10, we can do some minor retouching. For more sophisticated retouching of your images, it will cost $80 or more depending on how in-depth the restoration process is. All images are white balanced and contrast will also be added if needed. If you have images that are faded we can help to fix that too for free if we produce your personal history.



Old Photo's.jpg

We can also scan your images, slides (35mm and Super Slide) and 35mm negatives in various ways depending on quantity: Prices start @ $2.50 a piece and go all the way down to $0.80 depending on how many we scan.

1-20            $2.50   Negatives will always be this price.

21-100        $1.50    (Slides only @ this price and the also the prices below.)

101-500      $1.25

500-750    $1.00

750-1000  $0.80 

1000+       $0.40 

Other sized negatives and slides are available for a price quote.

Photo Restoration: We also provide photo restoration for your images that need to be optimized from cracks, water damage, or general wear and tear on the original photo. Prices start at $80.



Movie transfers are $0.40 a foot delivered on a DVD. And MP4 file of the movie is $5 per movie.

Conversion prices of a video (8mm, VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV, and Beta Max) are $15 per tape. All content on the various tapes must be 2 hours and under. Sometimes content length has been changed by the tape speed. Other times it may go over 2 hours at a normal recorded speed with some extra minutes at the end of the tape. This can be ported over to another DVD and will be charged another $15 up to another two hours




  • For those whom we produce a personal history DVD.
  • When 8 or more tapes are involved to be converted to a digital format.
  • A premium fee of $25 is added if under the allotted 8 tapes or other services rendered.
  • If enough of our services are utilized and profitable enough to wave the service charge.

All of your images will be either scanned to a standard size of an  eight by ten  @ 300 Dots Per Inch (DPI) for slides and prints or scanned at a standard of 4,000 DPI for slides and 600 DPI for prints at our discretion.

Audio Tapes and Vinyl Records can be transferred to a CD or MP3 @$20 each.



Reel to Real.jpg

Reel-to-reel Audio can be transferred to CD or MP3 @ $20 each.






Professional voice-over narration is available at a rate of $50 an hour to enhance your production. 

We also provide strictly audio versions of your history. We can come into your home and provide an "Audio Only" hour long interview with you or the one who is being honored. It can then be burned on a CD which will be edited with the pauses, "ums" and other noises filtered out. This starts at $150 with the addition of $50 an hour while we interview you. 


As Low as $800

   Basic Plus     
As Low as $1700.00

As Low as $4550.00

Legacy Biography      As low as $7250.00   

  Contact Me Contact Me Contact Me Contact Me
One Hour Initial Consultation 1 Up to 2 Up to 4 Up to 5
DVD Video
MP4 Computer File Included
Hours of Video Interviewing 2 Approx. 3 Approx.6 Approx. 11
Main and Extra Titles Just Main Just Main
Mood Background Music Up to 4 Extended Tracks Up to 8 Extended Tracks Up to 14 Extended Tracks Up to 23 Extended Tracks
Video Fades and Transitions
Inclusion of Interviewer and
Interviewer is also
Photo's of Yours Included 15  Up to 35 Up to 75 Up to 100
# of Visits to your Approx.2 Hour Interview 1 2 3 5
Usage of Our Huge Historic
10,000+ Image & Clipart Archive
Up to 5 Images Up to 20 Images Up to 35 Images Up to 50
Complimentary CD of Your
Scanned and Digitized images
Inclusion of Home Movies
Narrated by You
Approx. 15 Minutes Approx. 30 Minutes
Separate Photo Montage of 
Your Scanned Images With Music
Basic Photo Restoration Adjusting Contrast and Color
Premium Photo Restoration which
includes Basic Restoration
and Fixing Cracks
Professional Narration of
Introductions if Wanted
Historical Research if Needed

Up to 5 Hours Up to 10 Hours
DVD Professional Menu and Creation

Custom Print DVD Case with 
Appropriate Sound Effects
Us Contacting and Arranging
Usage of Photo's and
Memorabilia from Friends and Family
DVD Volumes Approx. 2 Hours a Piece
1 1.5 2 4



We also will travel to all of Cache Valley for no charge. Outside the valley is $10 every 15 minutes. This fee also includes the "Travel Time" for other professionals to arrive at your home.