The Walk-Through Process


Initial Meeting with Client.jpg

To start the ball rolling, Antique Productions will offer you a complimentary meeting. We can discuss the various directions which are possible with your personal history project. During this time, we will come up with a schedule and budget to fit your specific needs.  You will then be left to go over and review a life extracting questionnaire.  Our job will be to assist you and your family in recalling and sharing life stories and events. We would exhort you to put a check mark by the questions which you would like to answer. This will be utilized by the interviewee to help build  the crux of your life history. 

We want to make sure that you cover some of the most important events that you witnessed in your life. Also, you will want to start locating important photographs which can help illustrate your interview. We would be willing to contact your friends or relatives to see if they will allow us to use some of their images if need be. We can even do it there at their house if at all possible. We have a week and  under turnaround time with images that are on loan from your associates if we take them home. For their trouble, we will also give them digital copies of their images as a bonus for helping you tell your story!



Now the Adventure Begins!

Your life story can either be told via audio or video formats within the walls of your own home. Since people already feel comfortable there, its a great place to start.  If you have another place to meet that you feel would suite your needs better, we are open to that too! To help you with your personal biography, we will be there to help you prepare for your interview. Guiding you in your preparation is one of our skills. Since this is your narrative, you can choose what stories and items you would like to share. Depending on your package deal you have chosen, we can help you with the level of depth and breadth you would like to share about your life. We want you to be completely comfortable with our business. We also strive for your trust and seek to portray your past in an honorable yet lively way. 


Assessing Your Collection


At the time of your interview, photographs, slides, memorabilia, documents or anything else you deem important to your story will be collected. We prefer to take images with us so we can have them scanned in our studio. If you prefer, personal images and historical items can be photographed at your home but this may be more difficult depending on the quantity. On-site scanning is available but would be an added premium. All items will be returned promptly on an agreed date.

We also can transfer VHS, VHS-C, Hi8 Tapes, 8mm Video, Digital 8 Tapes, MiniDV, Mini DVD and Beta Tapes.  We even can do reel-to-reel and cassette tapes.  And if you have some old movies on film, yes we do that too! We process silent 8mm, Super8 and 16mm movie film (silent or with sound). These all can be utilized in your personal history video.


Video Post Production


After we leave your home, our professional staff will now start dissecting your life in a multimedia manner. Scanning and digitizing photographs and other form s of media will then begin. We can even do photo restoration and have your images revived to look fresh. We scan your photo and then reconstruct damaged, cracked, torn or faded photographs back to there original state!

In addition to images, documents can be scanned.  We can review and digitize any slides, audio and video tape footage and see how we can incorporate these in your history.

Just in case you have thought about undertaking scanning yourself: According to research firm GfK North America, the average American adult has 3,000 old analog images. Scanning and repairing those, once you've learned how and bought the equipment, should take about 7.5 minutes per photo. For 3,000 photos, that's 22,500 minutes, or about 375 hours. That's nearly 10 workweeks — or 47 Saturdays at 8 hours a day.


Preliminary Presentation


After gathering your materials, we will then merge the various forms of multimedia in our editing bay. You will then have a chance to preview the video. This is where you may want to add more images that relate to your biographical DVD. This is where the magic and skill is administered to your project making your history become fascinating and alive. In addition, we have historic photos, postcards or clip art (we have over 10,000 in our archives) that can also be utilized to perk up your story.



Your Personal History DVD Delivered

Your personal history will then be mastered on a high quality DVD or audio CD and depending on your package, it can even include your photo on the cover!

We strive to please and want you to be happy with the end product.If you are pleased, we would appreciate referrals from our customers.

We offer a variety of packages because we feel it's like buying a car:  All working cars were designed to give you transportation. Just how far you want to travel and what accessories fulfill your wants is the question? This same principal goes for telling your own history! Do you just want something that will share a partial history of your life or a full blown biography? This could include the utilization of professional researching as well as contacting friends, family and libraries. It could include using a professional photographer to take pictures of one’s awards and memorabilia or the use of background music and sound effects. Your cost could be a simple audio interview burned on a CD that start at $150 to a multimedia DVD’s starting at $800 on up to $7,250 or more for "a la carte" enhancements and add-ons!


We don’t like to brag but why not if it’s true? So here we go. No other Personal History business in Utah or the neighboring region can provide you with more retro images to tell your story than we can, period! Why is this you may ask?  The answer is simple. I have spent over a quarter of a century collecting images relating to Mormon and Utah history and my private archive of thousands of images can be accessed to enhance your story.


How Beautiful.jpg

Perhaps you have seen both of my historic pictorials and my latest DVD on the Logan Temple. These projects were collaborated with The Herald Journal. When you view these two forms of different media, you can see how important illustrations are in telling a story!.

Also, because of connections made through various projects, I have access to skilled, local videographers who have committed to assist when needed. These are well seasoned cameramen and professionals who are also proficient in various realms of video production.

How Beautiful DVD.png

A sample of the FULL hour long DVD, "How Beautiful." This historic video tells about the beginnings of the Logan Temple (Mormon) and how it came to be. The DVD is for sale and can be purchased by calling The Herald Journal in Logan Utah during regular business hours. (435)-752-2121.