Thanks for dropping by. My name is Darrin Smith and I'm the Proprietor of Antique Productions. I grew up in Logan Utah and have lived in beautiful Cache Valley the majority of my life.


Ever since I was a young lad, I have always been interested in history. As a child, I use to take photographs of Logan with an old Kodak Brownie Twin 20 camera. I wanted to document  and remember what things looked like at that moment and then later, compare those images to what that particular area would look like when I got older.

I also remember in grade school, I asked for a tape recorder for Christmas. Instead of a cassette, I was given a small reel to reel tape recorder. I made various audio productions on it and eventually wore the thing out and then couldn't get parts for it.

My father, L. Jay Smith has been a professional photographer since the 1940’s. I grew up with him taking various portraits in our home. He also worked for Utah State University as a Graphic Artist  for their Radio and TV department.  As a child, I used to watch various productions that were put together there at the KUSU station. I found it fascinating. Later as an adult, I had the opportunity to actually help make many news productions.

In high school, I used to take images of the student body in the grandstands because I wanted to remember what they looked like when we all reached parent and grandparent hood. I have since posted some of these images on my Facebook pages so my fellow classmates can now remember what once was.

After serving an LDS mission, I went to Utah State University and graduated in Communications. It was there I was introduced to and enjoyed the thrill of hands on video editing and all the possibilities that came with that format. I also wrote various local historical articles for the now defunct “Cache Citizen” student ran newspaper.

After graduating in 1990, I began collecting various antiquities, postcards, memorabilia and various images dealing with Logan Utah, Utah in general and Mormonism. The great thing is, many of these items can be accessed to aid you in telling your story if needed.

In 2006 I was privileged to start freelancing for The Herald Journal. Once again, I was able to write about local history in their Cache Valley Magazine. This opened a huge door of opportunity. The necessary connections were then unlocked with the paper to research and write two books. 

The first was “Logan Reflections: Photographs Then, Now and In Between”. This was a pictorial where I gathered old photographs and postcards and then found the exact place where the retro photographers once tread. These pictures were from the 1880’s to the 1980’s. I then compared the various images side by side. Along with the photos, I shared some interesting side notes about what one was looking at.

The second book was entitled “How Beautiful: A Pictorial History of the Logan LDS Temple”. This book contained a tremendous amount of research, stories, images, newspaper articles and memorabilia about Cache Valley’s most prominent beacon. It told how the temple came to be and about the people who aided in its construction.

Then the Herald Journal granted me permission for the next project: A DVD version of “How Beautiful”. It was here I was able to utilize four times the amount of images that were in the book. This project was so immense that I had to segregate it into three volumes and Vol. 1 was then produced. During its production, I encompassed professional voice actors, musical scores and sound effects. I researched and obtained images from various universities and libraries. I also utilized my own voice and  was the main narrator. It was a huge undertaking to say the least.

So, after culminating all this experience, I would now be honored if I can take the skills which I have learned to aid you in telling both your legacy and biography!