"Your History Is Our Business!" 

Hello, and welcome to the Antique Productions website!

My name is Darrin Smith and I’m the proprietor of this exciting business. Here at Antique Productions, we know that there are 2 things that go through people’s minds, especially retirees:

  • That folks want to record what has taken place in their lives so they can share it with their posterity.
  • Many people don’t quite know how to begin to document their history or gather their personal images and memorabilia and then digitize them.

 At Antique Productions, we understand this and we’re here to help solve that problem!

Not only do we consult our clients and get them on their way to present their history, we also provide a comprehensive and holistic digitizing service. We transpose your original media to a digital form. What this means to you is, that as you share your biography, these various images can then be placed appropriately throughout the DVD as your story unfolds!

As the proprietor of this business, I have been writing articles and books about Northern Utah history for over 25 years. I am now expanding into producing personal biographies and am now set to produce DVD's about your own personal history to various depths.  We have 4 packages available and can also provide an “à la carte menu”. This way, you can customize your needs to your budget.

All you have to do is simply contact me so we can discuss your how far you would like to go.

I’d love to help you on your way with something uniquely yours to share with your posterity. Your life's legacy can be now be opened up, made known and remembered by them. What a fantastic gift you can give— your life experiences and lessons coupled by personal, firsthand stories to those who you care about!

No one else can present your poignant, life experiences in a way that we can. We just need you to start sharing them and then we simply and professionally do the rest!